we began in the amazonian basin

Where we found a millenary nut, la Nuez de Barinas, harvested by the venezuelan natives for their nourishment and healing scars.

Nowadays this nut is surrounded by a desforested ecosystem and famine: the reasons that embarked us in a mission, to transform the venezuelan Cacay nut into a sustainable project that provides the benefits of the Cacay to your body, helping venezuelans and our nature.

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Our founder

Alberto was the dream of young Venezuelan citizens: an emigrant with a stable job and a decent salary in the United States, but it wasn’t the life he wanted. He believed that his home country, Venezuela, had a huge potential even in the middle of the worst crisis in the history of the country. He saw it filled with wonderful people and with one of the richest ecosystems, elements that he wanted to show to the world via a sustainable project that creates a social and ecological impact.

So he left his job, traveled Venezuela and found la Nuez de Barinas, the Cacay, the perfect element that would represent the Venezuelan potential, bringing the best in beauty care to people. He built greenhouses and started the planting of lots of Cacay trees, with the help of rural farmers, improving their lifestyle thanks to the nut. The basin reforestation began: an ambitious but not impossible project, with the goal of improving the standard of living of farmers in the region and helping the ecosystem, one Cacay product at the time.

Through fair trade we want, not only to grow our products, but also our cacay family, having already benefited fifty rural families in only one year.

Being cruelty free we produce, raise, recollect and test our products with people interested in the effects.

For us, nature is life that’s why with any purchase you are supporting the growth of more cacay trees that are reforesting the cutted zones now used per cattle raising, mining, and banana crops.

We take care of you

Allied with science we gathered with the best Venezuelans skin experts and hair care specialists to bring the best to our product and design what could work best for you.

An Oil processed with the same care you give to your skin we follow strict production standards to bring to you the most from the cacay to your hands.

With no preservatives we are 100% organic and we can proudly say we have bottled the most pure oil of the Amazonian basin.

You can find more in our Instagram @CACAY.PURE #CACAYPURE