Environmental impact

It’s not a mystery that an ecocide is occurring in Venezuela because of the deforestation and the extraction of gold, or the logging of trees to put banana crops and animal farming, a few ingatherings that generate safety to whom produce in the country. 

With the creation of nursery gardens and the growth of nuez de barinas or cacay trees, better known as Caryodendron orinocense Karst, we want to mitigate in the near future these problems. We have already planted 1000 cacay trees in less than two years, thanks to the support of independent farmers in the creation of our programs, thus helping reduce the greenhouse effect and generating more amounts of oxygen.

SOCIAL impact 

With the Cacay tree we offer an opportunity for much needed extra income to these farmers that besides of breeding or growing other products, they now observe the benefits of the Cacay, a plant that gives results quickly and allows these farmers to sow part of the ground that was destined to farming or planting other crops.

With only one year of production fifty families have been benefited, improving their life standards by investing in their homes, children and crops.