Cacay Oil 100% natural, extracted fron cacay tree nuts harvested by our rural farmers from the amazon basin, cold pressed and filtered out of impurities. It conserves most of its nutrients for hydrating, rejuvenating, giving more elasticity to the skin and helping attenuate imperfections. It also gives shine and silkiness to the hair and strengthens the nails. 


It’s completely organic: It doesn’t have additives or chemicals.

  • Cold pressed: to obtain the most quantity of nutrients.

  • Lightweight, fast and easy absorption for the skin.

  • Practical for use in the face, body, hair and nails.

  • Cruelty free and recollected with fair trade with our farmers.

  • Produced and bottled in Venezuela under the most strict quality controls.


Cacay (Caryodendron Orinocense Karsten) nut virgin oil, 100% organic and natural, with no additives. Produced and lovingly bottled in Venezuela, following the most strict quality control norms.

Manufacturer: ACE Quality Products LLC UPC: 697691511924

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Tips & tricks 



Perfect to use in face, neck and body. Provides nutrients for the renovation of skin, enhances its luminosity and shine, attenuates wrinkles, stains and imperfections, keeps your skin hydrated, elastic, soft and fresh, thanks to its high quantities of Retinol, Vitamin E and Omega-6.

  • Lava tu Wash your face and dry it with a clean towel. 

  • Apply one or two drops of Cacay Pure Oil on your skin, especially your face.

  • Spread with your fingers in circular movements until it absorbs it.

  • In case of using it in other places of your body, take two to four drops, repeating the movement in the area.

  • Leave your skin to absorb the product.

  • Complement your routine with moisturizing cream, serum or what you think is better for your skin.


Helps to keep it flexible, silky, soft and shiny, providing nutrients that makes it stronger, sealing the tips and reducing the frizz. It keeps it moist, preventing it from heat damage and agents.

  • Place in the palm of your hand two to four drops of Cacay Oil.

  • Rub the oil between your hands and put it on your damp hair.

  • Leave it to absorb for five minutes.

  • Blow your hair or leave it to dry out.


Strengthens the cuticles and nails, avoiding its cracking and letting them grow.

  • Put two drops of Cacay Oil in your palm.

  • Rub your hands and spread the oil from the cuticle to your nail.

  • Repeat the process with other nails and on the next hand.