love this Cacay Oil product 100%. Feels like my skin thanks me every night I use it! Is very moisturizing, nutritive and my skin absorbs it really well.
— Margot Machado

The truth is that who doesn’t know the virtues of this oil doesn’t imagine it. I have three days using it continued day and night and the skin turns so elastic that is amazing.
— Isabella Delfino

They gave me this oil, is amazing how I have the skin. I tested it in my face, body and hair and I feel super hydrated, the skin shines and it’s nourished. Is a must now and forth in my life. And is lovingly made in my country, Venezuela.
— Marina Taylhardar

After three weeks enjoying Cacay Pure I feel satisfied with what has done for my complexion, hydrating without oily or greasy appearance, I couldn’t believe it! The shadow in my halter made by depilation is getting lighter. I use it too in the hair, from the middle to the tips and with a few drops it gives me shine and looks incredible.
— Carolina Colmenarez